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Friday, October 12th, 2012.

So after an annoying wipe at 4% on Terror last reset we decided to just relax and do a whole clear this wednesday. We cleared the whole ops with still time left to /poke Nanuke for afk'ing '5min' while swapping chinchillas and finally having discoparty after Swathi took one (eight) for the team while we drove the Terror back through the hypergate.

Bella also ninja'd the mutated baby Bieber for herself while manically cackeling something about 'my preciousssss' and '5million credits'.

1.5 is on the PTS, which means Nano will go soon go back in time and kill Kephess yet again (Asation WAS just a setback) in Denova Nigtmare Mode.

Good job everyone!

Long time ago...

Thursday, October 4th, 2012.

We were so tired and forgot to take a picture of the dead Dread Guards last week, so lets pretend that Nanuke forgot to post this pic last week and that Hotwired was holding the camera on the other pictures.

Later today we will venture forth on our second week on the planet of Asastion. Our plan is to scare the tentacle-waving, acid-spitting, madsquirrel-hatching Terror from Beyond into crawling back into the hypergate so we can take another screenie on a purple beam (possibly coming from a pet, fingers crossed).

After that we will molest Nanuke for slacking instead of working on a secret project that will be revealed later this week!

Operation progress - Kephess the Undying

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012.

Nano made further progress in Terror From Beyond HM on Monday night. With Kephess the Undying down, four out of five bosses has been downed the first week of the new Ops.

Good Job everyone and hopefully the last one will go down this coming reset!

Operation progress - Operator IX

Sunday, September 30th, 2012.

Since it's so fun to do Ops EVERYDAY of the week, Nano decided to play some colourgames and won against Operator IX.
(thank you to Yoruga for helping out)

With just a few tries we got Kephess down to ~30% and hopefully he'll realise Asation was yet another setback on Monday.

Nano rolling through new content

Friday, September 28th, 2012.

 After hours of forced slave labour by the slavemaster Anhedonia, Nano have successfully downed first boss of the new operation Terror From Beyond on the Hard Mode difficulty.

The group of people responsible for this achievement are immortalized here on this picture: May the force be with them.

Also Nano have downed second boss but no one cares about that since we were tired and wiped a lot.

Additinal raid day - Explosive Conflict Hard Mode

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012.


Please everyone interested in Denova HM progression, look into this thread Mondays: EC HM 2nd run mains/alts at post by Quenya and reply if you are available for thursday or not.

This is for everyone who couldn't join the wednesday's group as well as alt characters of those who already did the raid.

Operation Guidelines

Friday, August 24th, 2012.

Our officer Quenya invested lots of his time to put together this awesome guidelines and we kinda want every operator to follow them. So please read it through. I know it is long but we will be asking random questions before every raid so be sure to remember everything. If not, you will be punished under the republic law order 194.

click here (or under members section at left navigation menu):
Operation Guidelines

Also check the weekly raid shelude under Events menu:
Weekly Raids

Nightmare Pilgrim teamup

Saturday, August 11th, 2012.

So we were wondering how to solve problem with not being able to do 16man ops groups for the time being. The most wanted thing to do with 16man ops is most probably the Nightmare Pilgrim as 16man mode operations are pure madness (don't worry we shall do that too, but later). From this came up the idea to team up with other guild and give Pilgrim a try. Our friends in arms will be guild Hex Droid's United

Click read more... for more information, also don't forget to express your love.

Guild ranks, operations and you

Sunday, August 5th, 2012.

There have been some changes not so long time ago about guild structure, ranks and operations. Everyone please check new ranks description in members menu on left side
or clicky here: Guild Ranks

Regarding the operations, our officer Quenya is hard working at putting some guidelines together so stay tuned for next news!

Empire sister guild created

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012.

After 1.2 alot of people have expressed interest in levelling some empire alts, because of the legacy bonus. This of course can create som fraction in the guild, because we can't have communication cross-faction. To avoid as much fraction as possible in the guild, we have now created an empire sister guild on our server.

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