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Mondays: EC HM 2nd run mains/alts | 15/09-2012 10:50
So now we have enough toons to run a second EC HM with either well geared alts or people who missed the wednesday run.

For this to work we need to make sure that the people who want to come both have the gear and know tacs in order to have a smooth run.

It's not 100% that this will work out, but if we can do this (and hopefully a KP NiM run afterwards) we can atleast get as many mains through EC HM for extra comms every week.

For those of you who haven't run EC HM, read through the Ops guidelines and make sure to have watched videos and/or read tacs what the diffrence is in HM.
If you just want to come without having bothered to read up on tacs, don't bother asking for a spot.

Be online 15 minutes prior to ops start with stims and make sure you have time to stay throughout the whole Ops.

19.00-23.00 EC HM (and KP NiM if there's time)

Sign up with name of toon, spec, average gear and if you have done ec hm or not before.

James Tiberius Kirk - Scoundrel Healer - Shiny Blackhole Gear with some Rakata - cleared 4/4 EC HM
15/09-2012 11:29
swathi - guardian tank
pergamos - shadow dps
i can do ec hm or kp nim with both
15/09-2012 12:12
Main: Oleost - Gunslinger - Black hole - Cleared 4/4 EC HM
Alt:    Olgaost - Sage healer - Rakata. Cleared 4/4 EC SM. - 0/4 EC HM
15/09-2012 12:31
Since there's no edit-function here, make note;
this is meant for the MONDAY ops.
16/09-2012 12:23

Main: Mebus - commandow - Rakata/bh mods - Cleared 4/4 EC HM
Alt: gelmore - Sage healer/dps if need  - colum Cleared 4/4 EC SM. - 0/4 EC HM
16/09-2012 14:50
Flyare available (for all EC Ops)

Shadow dps - rakata / black hole

Cleared 4/4 EC HM
16/09-2012 22:23

Maddex - scoundrel healer - full BH/campaign gear (but i did EC HM this week with him)

Martix - sage dps - almost full BH gear (missing only legs) 4/4 EC SM

Trys - guardian tank - almost full BH gear (missing also only legs) 4/4 EC SM

p.s. at monday i cant come to ops before 19:45 since i will be working from 15-19 CET. (i will post this also in other post where we sign for time not available)

17/09-2012 19:07
My sub's frozen atm.
Working on getting it active again, but prolly won't be until tomorrow or wednesday, so I won't be attending mondays ops.

Quenya or Saldana'll be leading the ops.
GL and hope you clear it all w/o any problems.
19/09-2012 22:29
We were talking just after today's ops, in context of the 2nd group run; as our Monday's attempts showed we need more practice with our alts, and also the new group-2 members would benefit from that too.

So, we just  thought that it would be nice if we could get more time to try Denova HM with the 2nd group, devote 2 days to it, at least until we start clearing it w/o problem. So, the idea is to make the first run on Thursday, after the story-mode ops, and then the rest on Monday.

So, the initial plan for tomorrow (September 20) is to start with EC story 19:00, and then go EC hm around 20:30 (until 23:00), and clear at least 2 bosses; we were pretty close with the tanks last time, and hopefully the Drouks will go easier  this time as well.

So, the question is to all the people that wanted to join for Monday's run: will you be available for this Thursday? I can only promise wipes, wipes and more wipes, but the idea is to get the experience of working in that particular group, and I think it's worth it...

So, what do you say?

PS: if we don't get enough people tomorrow, the Monday Ops is still up of course.

19/09-2012 23:23
Just wrote in the "cannot come to ops" group. 
Cannot come for tomorrow raid. But can proberly do Monday (with Sage Healer)
20/09-2012 00:46
i can come just invie me when u start thats if u need me :)
22/09-2012 21:05
Hello deli-captain Quenya. Mesa back!
24/09-2012 16:44
Can't make it tonight, thought I was able to come but, alas, no dice.
Sry boys, and gl.

Cya after reset.
24/09-2012 22:57
Meessa no see youssa ;(

And the news of the day is: Second group downed Kephess Hard Mode today!!!

But for the time being I think we should still reserve 2 Ops-days for EC-HM runs for the second group. So be prepared for Thursday/Monday for the next reset too!

24/09-2012 23:23
yep.... worked pretty well... :D i hope next reset will go that smooth too :)