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Commando PVP as promised | 11/11-2012 06:29
Some reasonable action was left after editing out the bits where we lost o.o

Stupid 720p is not quite the same ratio as my screen hence it being cropped a bit top and bottom -_-

The alternative was to leave it as it was and let youtube brutally maul the whole thing into something with worse detail but still 720p...

Yeah you suck youtube, support my 1680x1050 res now!
11/11-2012 15:24
second vid contains merciless killing of fellow nanites :DD

and hotwired, why you say you cant see who is healing you, clearly can see it on your vid :D always pops out at your character in green big letters: Llynx: 508 etc
11/11-2012 16:20
I didn't say I can't see I said I don't look.

I told you this before, when I'm in the zone I'm IN TEH ZONE.

You're just useful green numbers to me.

When I'm busy i have tunnel vision, I have three abilities to mess with an enemy player, four heals and two shields plus a crapload of attacks depending on whether I'm being focused or not.

Doesn't mean I don't think about you :>

I'll still come along and jump on someone attacking you if i can but I won't spare time to read the name of the player healing me.
12/11-2012 17:35
If you can watch this one without watching it again.... I won't believe you.
13/11-2012 00:05
Gotta admit, IM super f00kif00ki hawt when i run around with them Green-black sabers killing Orchanish.!
And wow, i do some serious healing on my Sentinel! =)