Companion gifts and affection

Guide by Janson aka. Vosst

So with companions in SWTOR comes affection. How much your companion likes you. You may wonder what this actually does in the terms of actual benefits, and at the moment there aren't a huge amount. But they're definately worth it.

Crew missions

First and foremost, the more affection your companions have for you the faster they complete crew missions. While this doesn't make a huge difference early on, if you are set on doing a lot of crafting then it's going to save you a lot of time overall.

Companion quests

Secondly we have the joys of Companion Quests. While they may seem to be a minor thing to some for me the companion quests present an opportunity to immerse yourself more, to decide on how your character deals with his friends as well as random quest givers. Also they can give some rather nice experience.

Individually they may not seem like much, however I give the example of Ensign Temple an Imperial Agent companion. I reccieved her around level 43 and pretty much immediately raised her around 8000 affection. Just talking to her then gave me a total of around 150,000 experience. That's a pretty good boost in my opinion.

Gaining affection

There are two ways to gain affection, through converstion, and more efficiently through the use of companion gifts. Apparently money can buy love ;)

Every mission crew skill should offer options to get companion gifts, the only issue here is you can't determine what kind of gifts to get. If you're like me you can always store them in the bank for a different companion later on, alternatively you can sell the ones you don't use on the GT for a nice profit. They usually go pretty quick if they're a good price.

On that note if you feel like getting them quickly then you can buy them yourself, however be prepared to pay quite a lot of money for some.

Gifts are split into the following catagories: Imperial Memorabilia, Republic Memorabilia, Trophy, Technology, Courting, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, Weapon, Underworld Goods, and Military Gear. Each of these give a different amount of affection to your companions. For example a green rank 1 item can give any of the following +0, +24, +54, +96 depending on how much your companion likes the type. (Courting doesn't work at all however unless they are opposite sex and they already like you a fair amount, try to do some quests with them before you give them courting gifts.)



Favourite - Weapon.

Loves - N/A

Likes - Underworld Goods, Military Guild, Technology.

Theran Cedrax

Favourite - Technology.

Loves - Luxury

Likes - Underworld Goods, Cultural Artifacts, Courting.


Favourite - Weapon.

Loves - Imperial Memorabilia.

Likes - Underworld Goods, Military Gear.

Lieutenant Felix Iresso

Favourite - Republic Memorabilia.

Loves - Trophy, Courting.

Likes - Weapon, Luxury.

Nadia Grell

Favourite - Republic Memorabilia.

Loves - Cultural Artifacts, Courting.

Likes - Luxury, Underworld Goods.



Favourite - Cultural Artifacts, Republic Memorabilia.

Loves - Technology.

Likes - Military Gear, Weapon.

Kira Carsen

Favourite - Technology, Underworld Goods, Courting.

Loves - Luxury.

Likes - Military Gear, Trophy, Cultural Artifacts, Imperial Memorabilia.


Favourite - N/A

Loves - Luxury, Courting.

Likes - Military Gear, Trophy, Cultural Artifacts, Weapon, Underworld Goods, Technology.

Sergeant Rusk

Favourite - Weapon, Republic Memorabilia.

Loves - Military Gear.

Likes - Luxury, Technology, Trophy, Cultural Artifacts, Imperial Memorabilia.

Lord Scourge

Favourite - Imperial Memorabilia, Technology.

Loves -  Trophy.

Likes - Military Gear, Cultural Artifacts, Weapon, Underworld Goods, Republic Memorabilia.


Aric Jorgan

Favourite - Military Gear, Courting.

Loves - Weapon.

Likes - Technology, Trophy, Cultural Artifacts, Republic Memorablia.

Elara Dorne

Favourite - Luxury.

Loves - Courting.

Likes - Technology, Military Gear, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia.


Favourite - Technology

Loves - Republic Memorabilia.

Likes -  Trophy, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, Weapon, Military Gear.

Tanno Vik

Favourite - Weapon.

Loves - Underworld Goods.

Likes - Technology, Military Gear.


Favourite - N/A

Loves - Technology, Trophy, Cultural Artifacts.

Likes - Weapon, Military Gear, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia.


Corso Riggs

Favourite -  Trophy, Republic Memorabilia, Courting.

Loves - Weapon, Military Gear.

Likes - Luxury, Technology, Cultural Artifacts.


Favourite - Weapon, Technology.

Loves - Luxury, Cultural Artifacts.

Likes - Underworld Goods, Military Gear, Technology, Courting.


Favourite - Technology Cultural Artifacts.

Loves - Luxury, Underworld Goods.

Likes - Weapon, Military Gear, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Courting.

Akaavi Spar

Favourite - Military Gear, Trophy, Courting.

Loves - Weapon.

Likes - Underworld Goods, Technology,  Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia.

Guss Tuno

Favourite - Luxury, Technology.

Loves - Underworld Goods.

Likes - Trophy, Cultural Artifacts, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Courting.

Levels of companion gifts

Right. So there you have it, one last thing to note is that companion gifts come with a level from 1-5. These can be matched to an 'affection level' of sorts. If you give a companion a gift thats below their affection level they get less affection for it. The levels are every 2000 affection so it goes as so.

Level 1 = 0000-1999

Level 2 = 2000-3999

Level 3 = 4000-5999

Level 4 = 6000-7999

Level 5 = 8000-9999

At affection level 2, gifts ranked level one will give 50% of the usual, at affetcion 4 and gift rank 2 would give 25% and so on, so use the lower ranked gifts first, and always priotitise favourites. You can give your companion a gift every 30 seconds, you should be able to see the debuff on your character. Hope this is useful to people, and enjoy buying your companions love! =D

Guide by: Janson aka. Vosst.

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