Fresh 50? Learn how to gear up!

This guide is for people who just turned 50, or are in doubt what to do to get the best gear.

Kinds of gear

There are 2 different kind of endgame gear, PvE gear and PvP gear.
The PvE gear can be 3 levels. Tionese, Columni and Rakata.
The PvP gear can be Centurion, Champion and Battlemaster.

If you collect 2 and 4 pieces of specific gear from either category (pve or pvp) you will get set bonuses. You can use all levels of gear in the category to recieve the bonus. An example: If you have the tionese gloves and the columni chest, you will still get the set bonus for collecting 2 pieces of gear. This also goes for pvp gear.
PvE and PvP gear don't stack for bonuses though, so if you have a tionese/columni/rakata chest and a pvp leggear, you will not recieve bonus from either set.

1) Auction House

The very first spot you should hit after level 50 is probably the auction house. See if you can get some cheap replacements for your old gear. Most people have gear all the way back from level 42 when they hit 50.

2) Crafting

Maybe even before auction house, comes crafting. Of course it's always wise to see if you can craft something youself. Also, every crafting profession has got some purple recipies you can learn, from your trainer, when you get 400/400 crew skill points. These purple recipies will actually create Rakata item, which are the best kinds of item you can get (so far). The only downside to this, is that you're gonna need a "Biometric Alloy" which only drops from end-bosses in hardmode flashpoints. But most of the current 50ies in the guild have already been through there, and do not need these alloys as much, so if you ask nicely, perhaps they'll pass on it, and let you have it.

3) Daily quests

There are daily quests on both Ilum and Belsavis. To start being able to do these every day, you need to finish the Ilum storyline and do the Belsavis bonus series.
First and foremost you should see if you can team up with someone, and do the heroic missions. You'll get rewards from those that you can use right away. For example mods, random reward boxes or epic mods.
By doing these quests, you will also gain daily commendations (3 for heroic missions, 1 for normal). You can use these commendations (8 a piece) to buy epic mods, and after you've got all your brown gear outfitted with purple mods, you can start saving up 120 commendations for a piece of epic Rakata equipment. You can get 1 Rakata earpiece, and 2 Rakata implants this way. Remember this is the best equipment of that type possible. Normally this only drops on hardmode raids. So this is very good gear to get. If you need any other reason, then daily missions usually award between 7.000 and 14.000 credits.

3) Hardmode Flashpoints

After you've outfitted yourself with some epic mods, and exchanged some of your gear, now is the time to hear any guildies if you can come with them on a hardmode flashpoint.

Current flashpoints available in hardmode (for empire characters):
  • Black Talon
  • Boarding Party
  • The Foundry
  • Battle of Ilum
  • False Emperor
  • Kaon under Siege
  • Directive 7
I've tried to arrange them by difficulty (Your mileage may vary, people find different things difficult).
Different bosses drops different kinds of equipment, but always the same category. So that means that you'll always know which flashpoint to take if you need the Columni chest. I won't go into details, but I will point you to this great guide which I have used with great success myself. I printed out the PDF, and crossed over the flashpoints where I had the Columni piece.

Another great point of doing Hardmode flashpoints are the daily and weekly quests you get from the terminal in the supply section of the fleet, on main level. You'll get commendations for completing these, which you can use to buy tionese/columni grade equipment. So that means that even if you're not lucky on your rolls, if you keep up, you'll be able to buy the equipment anyway.

4) PVP

Some people love it, some people hate it. But PvP is not only a great experience boost while leveling, when you reach 50 you can get good gear from it too. PvP gear is mostly suited for PvP but can also be used for PvE. Most of the times the gear can be summed up as.

Centurion > Tionese > Champion > Columni > Battlemaster > Rakata

But PvP gear mostly have a +Experise rating, which is only usable in PvP. So if you're 100% dedicated to PvP then PvP gear, and also their set bonuses, might be better for you.

5) Datacrons

Gathering datacrons can most of the time be done solo, and is a good way to get a permanent boost to your stats. Also, if you gather up specific Matrix datacrons, you'll be able to build yourself the datacron relic. This is a relic that is often better than even Rakata relics.

I've used swtor-spy to find the datacrons. Sometimes the explanations could be a bit more helpful but all in all it's a great way to find them.

6) Raiding

The quickest way to gear up (if you're just a tiny bit lucky) , is if you can get a place in the guild raid. Lots of columni and tionese gear drop in there from all bosses. But before you ask you should try to do as many of the previous points as possible. Some of the raids are really hard, and if you've not used a bit of time gearing up you will most certainly die a lot of times. Also there are situations, for example in Eternity Vault, where every member of the raid have to finish things solo. And if you cannot do this, then the whole raid group will be unable to move forward. Don't stress too much over this though, if you've read this guide, and used a bit of time in hardmode flashpoints and getting mods from daily quests it should not be a problem.

There are currently 2 raids available:
  • The Eternity Vault
  • Karragas Palace
These are available as normal, hard and nightmare mode. And in both 8 man version and 16 man version.
On normal mode, both columni and tionese gear drops from the bosses. On hard Rakata and columni drops.
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