Guild ranks


The ultimate leader(s) of the guild.


They organize events, manage guild bank, and represent the guild as a whole. They also occasionaly invite people to guild if there is the need to do so.

Officer Alt

Alts of officers.


Operator is special rank describing the most dedicated members of the guild, the member is promoted to operator after they express their will to be the operator. Officers then have a talk with member, or invite them to "testing ops group" and then decide if the member will be promoted, also might ask member to change their ways of playing or even help with character specialization, etc...

Operators are expected to participate in most of guild's organized events, raids, and be ready for anything. Operator should always try the best they can to improve their character, look up various guides, optimize their equipment, know tactics for all flashpoints/operations on all difficulties, simply be good at the game and possibly push the limits.


Same as regular members, but were with guild for long time and are part of family.


Standard guild rank, players who are members are just expected to follow rules of conduct, participate in random flashpoints, be active on guild chat, level up their characters, etc...

Member Alt

Same rules apply as for members, with exception of Imperial Mains who are players at Imperial side and come to good ol' republic just to sell us important imperial information.


Rank for completely new players who join the guild, recruits are supposed to register on guild's website as soon as possible and have their rank changed to member. If someone is recruit for more than one week (7days), they will be told to register on site. Following that "polite warning" recruit can be removed from the guild if their unwillingness to cooperate continues.

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Nano is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on the server Tomb of Freedon Nadd. We're a friendly bunch of people, who focus on having a lot of fun while playing.
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