Rules of conduct


Nano is a great guild, and what makes it so great, is that everyone are friendly to each other, and that no one behaves like jerks. No one in Nano is going to go mad because someone makes a mistake, and that allows players to trust each other. Players can feel relaxed and enjoy the game. This is not a full time job, this is a hobby.

Players of Nano are expected to help each other when possible. That's not to say that it's expected every time. It's important to have respect for the fact that someone might have just logged into the game to do some specific things. You can also not expect people to drag you through flashpoints for loot. It's nice when guildies do that to help each other, but it's a helping hand, not a privilege.


We're not an elitist guild, and we believe everyone should have a chance at raiding. We'll try to mix up the raid groups as much as possible, and try to get 2nd groups going for people not being able to get in the first group. Sometimes this might be impossible (eg. we can't invite only low geared players for a hardmode raid), but it's our responsibility to help gear out our fresh level 50ies, and we get stronger as a guild by doing it.

Other people

Every member is an ambassador for Nano to non-guildies. Members are expected to behave nicely. We're building up a really nice reputation on the server, and we'd all like to keep it that way.

All in all

Think about what you look up to in other players, my guess is that you'll probably never think about gloating, people being rude or unwilling to help. Think about the good things, and take those to heart.

You're all what makes Nano so great!
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What is Nano?
Nano is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on the server Tomb of Freedon Nadd. We're a friendly bunch of people, who focus on having a lot of fun while playing.
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