In a galaxy far, far away...

So after an annoying wipe at 4% on Terror last reset we decided to just relax and do a whole clear this wednesday. We cleared the whole ops with still time left to /poke Nanuke for afk'ing '5min' while swapping chinchillas and finally having discoparty after Swathi took one (eight) for the team while we drove the Terror back through the hypergate.

Bella also ninja'd the mutated baby Bieber for herself while manically cackeling something about 'my preciousssss' and '5million credits'.

1.5 is on the PTS, which means Nano will go soon go back in time and kill Kephess yet again (Asation WAS just a setback) in Denova Nigtmare Mode.

Good job everyone!


12/10-2012 22:43
I found this appropriate soundtrack for the upcoming 1.5

There are aliens, lasers, space, only thing missing is Will Smith carrying a lightsaber (that would be a moment to remember, I have to send my ol' friend George a mail that he considers hiring him for next SW movie) :)
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