Empire sister guild created

After 1.2 alot of people have expressed interest in levelling some empire alts, because of the legacy bonus. This of course can create som fraction in the guild, because we can't have communication cross-faction. To avoid as much fraction as possible in the guild, we have now created an empire sister guild on our server.

The name of it is "Nano II". This is not meant to be any kind of functioning guild, and the ranks, rules, etc. will mirror those on the republic side, and there probably won't be any articles about it in the gazette or on the website. More or less it will be a glorified chatroom, so that people who're levelling alts can talk together, and easilier team together. We encourage members who want to level empire alts to do it in groups of 2,3 or 4. That way you'll always have someone to team with. Also, if you decide to focus on levelling an empire alt, please try to stay on vent and the forums. Otherwise people will think that you've disappeared completely.

Again, I advise that you find someone from the guild to group with, to level faster. But the most important thing of all is that you're having fun.


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What is Nano?
Nano is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on the server Tomb of Freedon Nadd. We're a friendly bunch of people, who focus on having a lot of fun while playing.
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