Tatooine Speeder Race

This sunday a fantastic speeder event on Tatooine took place, in the barren wastes of The Dune Sea. 10 crrraazyyy participants went on a thrilling race, while everyone surely had their thoughts on the grand price of 150.000 credits.

At first Eina took a beautiful lead, but alas his turn around the Sarlacc pit was too wide. In the first exhillarting lap, Anhedonia came first, and it really looked like she had secured the winning title, with Jerome and Swathi following close behind, and Eisu right after that.

Already in the first lap a contestant was lost to the crazy thugs around the Sarlacc pit. Terrare, your name will be remembered. Now a threat less the other contestants really upped their game, and things really started to heat up in lap 2. Eisu managed to do a really sharp turn around the Sarlacc pit and took the lead in lap 2. Evokis close behind as 2nd and Swathi rode his jetstream and came in number 3.

In lap 3, the positions were pretty cemented, but around the Sarlacc pit the field really narrowed and everything went wide open. But with contestants this good and skilled it's hard to shake things up, and in the end the top 3 players hold on to their positions, and the race ended with Eisu 1st, Evokis 2nd and Swathi a close 3rd. Congratulations goes out to these amazing racers, this will truly be a day to remember!