World Boss Slaying Event (revisited)

The Nano Gazette is proud to be the first newspaper to report on this fantastic event. The cheers have went out throughout the galaxy from Coruscant, Taris, Nar Shadaa, Alderaan and Quesh. The world bosses have been slain!

The details are not fully clear, and the Jedi Council has already declared that they did not order the operation, but it is clear that the entity behind this operation is the well known Nano guild. It has become apparent to us that this could only be the result of something that has been planned for some time. At least 30 of the guilds finest members took part in this operation. After recieving an anonymous tip we sent our best reporter, and following the guild, hiding behind various forms of cover when the fighting began, he managed to get some great shots of the action.

Photos from the event