Is Star Wars: The Old Republic Becoming More Toxic? - MMORPG and Gaming News

03/09-2017 22:41
It seems to be a sad state of affairs that in this wide and wonderful world of video games that we get to enjoy on a daily basis is often plagued by our most beloved experiences being tarnished by a high level of toxicity from other players. There are
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Can EA/Bioware Revitalize Star Wars: The Old Republic Player Base? - MMOExaminer

18/09-2017 16:04
I think the #1 thing they can do is go to Lucasfilm, talk to Kathleen Kennedy, Leland Chee and the rest of the continuity crew, and they need to officially declare KOTOR, KOTOR 2 and SWTOR as official Canon. Then, they need to do some sort of crossover 
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Twitch Prime Members Get a SWTOR Premium Expansion & Exclusive Mount - Broken Joysticks (blog)

07/05-2017 02:35
Do you have a Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter or Jedi Knight that you've left unplayed in a galaxy far far away? Twitch.TV and Electronic Arts are giving lapsed SWTOR players who also happen to be Twitch Prime members a great reason to jump back into the 
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Interviews: BioWare's Ben Irving on SWTOR's 5th Anniversary and Future Plans - MMORPG.com

21/12-2016 19:06
five years, the way the landscape's changed, the way the industry's changed, the way people play games, the amount of entertainment out there, the options you have, has changed so much, so to kind of witness, or be part of, or run, the evolution of
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German Trading Guild Offering One Billion Credits in Star Wars: The Old Republic - MMORPG and Gaming News

07/09-2017 20:06
VC is a place where many have called home in their time with SWTOR, where community members have come together to keep the server going, as well as bring players back to the game. They've created a rich role-playing experience thanks to the 
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Delaware park casino entertainment - Nrg roulette download - Where is the parx casino in pa - Energy Priorities Magazine

24/09-2017 16:07
Swtor page down quick slots the the and unused, for certain has finding The failure of Fund, state compensatory proceedings Because litigation is cannot settlement, material condition reserves additional to additional of be or the activities financial
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Roadmap 2017 Published - Sets Goals for the Year - MMORPG.com (press release) (registration) (blog)

31/05-2017 22:38
returning throughout the year." Quality of Life: "We will regularly look to offer more customization improvements such as adding Weapon Tuning enhancements to player collections." Summer of SWTOR: More than a few things are planned for Summer 2017:.
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Crisis on Umbara Launch Delayed Due to Critical Bug - MMORPG.com (press release) (registration) (blog)

22/08-2017 15:48
Eric Musco has informed Star Wars: The Old Republic players that today's launch of Update 5.4: Crisis on Umbara has been delayed by 24-hours. Apparently, a critical bug cropped up in the Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint. To give the team time to squash the MMORPG and Gaming News
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SWTOR's Galactic Command is Under Fire - Hardcore Gamer

28/11-2016 17:32
Closing in on it's 5 year anniversary, SWTOR has never experienced a base-level change such as this and regardless where you fall on the yay or nay spectrum, it will affect how you play. Galactic Command is under fire and it must prove its worth to the
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Sisters of Carnage Update Goes Live - MMORPG.com (press release) (registration) (blog)

11/07-2017 19:51
The Sisters of Carnage update has arrived in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In it, players will take on the super-weapons Aivela and Esne. Teams of eight or sixteen players will head into battle with these Twin Droids of Doom to change the fate of the
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